Technology is a wonderful thing; so many practical applications and advances have allowed the Internet of Things to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of life's daily activities. Digital Innovations believes every client deserves a personally tailored and forward-thinking network; we know technology plays a vital role in your daily routine, and it has to be healthy and running strong 24/7. One of our primary goals as a company is to make every client a client for life, so every project or service call we complete carries a one-year labor warranty, and we honor and handle product manufacturer warranties as well. Unfortunately, even the strongest network and systems can still run into trouble at times - slow internet speeds, telecom and utility problems, device failures, faulty prior workmanship, even Mother Nature can all conspire to cause interruptions and potential failure. It's absolutely a major headache, and Digital Innovations recognizes that since your technology doesn't stop, neither do we. To provide our clients with a path to support and service when an issue impedes the network operations you rely on and enjoy, we've aligned with OneVision and Ihiji to offer Network Monitoring and Maintenance Services - think of it as premium insurance for one of the most vital aspects of your home. We integrate remote management devices that allow our 24/7 service staff to detect, diagnose, and resolve almost all disruptions via phone and email communication; should advanced support be required, we’ll set up an onsite visit within 24 hours. We’ll look at every option from device replacement to reprogramming to correct the issue, keep everything at optimal performance, and restore your network to full strength - we can even analyze potential complications over time to suggest possible replacements and upgrades when the time inevitably comes. Much like your car needs regular maintenance, parts, and service over time, so does your home and office technology; our clients will always receive the product and integration suggestions that work best for all facets of the project. Talk to us today, and we’ll show you how we can protect your network — and your peace of mind. Please email to make an appointment today.