The structured wiring and implementation, the programming and client education, the support services after project completion - they're all vital parts of our process, but the key to our success is thoughtful analysis and planning. When Digital Innovations coordinates with a client and project team in the pre-construction phases, everyone wins. We can advise on what products and systems will work best and work best with each other; we coordinate with trades and construction management on device locations, wiring infrastructure, and future upgrade considerations so costly mistakes and delays are avoided; we follow the vision of the design team and architect to mesh our work seamlessly and efficiently without hindering the aesthetic enhancements that highlight the finished product; and, we support the entire project path with detailed project management so we're ahead of the curve and eliminating delays and incurred costs. Digital Innovations understands that while almost all of our work is behind the scenes, it's a crucial element of the home and office functions, so we focus on the initial development of the project as essential to its success.